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Zack Seckler - Botswana Wildlife

Versace Magazine Fall 2002 Devon Aoki by Marilyn Minter


Why one eyebrow always comin out Gucci and the other eyebrow comin out Walmart



jenny andews anderson

Me looking at flowers: if I was a fairy I would totally use this as a dress

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Hey folks! So hannah and I decided to make a network called the Hot Ppl Network!

Basically it’s a network dedicated to very attractive people who are attractive on the inside & out. The goals of this network are to make new friends, learn some cool physical appearance tips (I guess). And mainly to discuss how great you and everyone else looks??? But honestly it’s to make cool pals!! 

To get in, it’s pretty simple. You must:

  • be following me and hannah
  • not delete the text on this post
  • be an active blogger 
  • be willing to reblog other people in the network’s selfies & posts
  • have a submit and ask box OPEN
  • be confident in yourself & love yourself
  • talk to the people in the network
  • reblog this post, likes will be counted as bookmarking

To apply, simply fill out the application here

If you are accepted into the network or not, we will inform you. That is a guarantee. 

Any questions, please direct them to here or here

Have a nice day and I hope you feel confident, cutie!


the reason this generation is failing is because we’re not motivated enough to make money. all the people on the dollar bills are dead. they’re not relevant and teens just can’t connect. we need money with memes and beyonce on it


Evangelion Unit 02 in the EDO period.